Guys From the Streets

Germany has it going on! German teen optimizes simplistic style. Lumberjack shirt along side suede shoes completes the look. To add, Eco friendly canvas bag to tote.

Bell'Uomo! Young Italian works the preppy Fred Perry sweat, and daps to match. Don't forget his fab vintage Ralph Lauren bag.

Talk about camel toe... need I say more. Nice simple check shirt though.

Taken 21/07/2010


This young guy has used neon blues and yellow pumps to pack a punch to on lookers. This look works mainly due to the use of colour. Alongside the neon colours, he has used a cartoon printed tee to give his outfit a 'retro' feel. Perfect for the 'on-the-go Londoner'.

The rolled up trousers and shoes combination is tried and tested, but this guy gives this outfit some character by wearing brilliant deep brown Brogues. A key piece in this outfit is the vintage denim jacket which is a frequent item in our stock. So if you are interested in vintage denim you should definitely come along to London Fashion Exchange!



This young guy showcase the simplistic yet interesting look London Fashion Exchange will offer. The anchor print polo shirt is what caught my eye, simple but adds character.

Shoreditch chic. Loafers accompanied by black slims and low unbuttoned shirt to finish off the just put together look.

Taken: 19/07/2010

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