Girls From the Streets


Figure hugging maxi. I love the monochromatic essence her dress creates in this image. Elegant black dress which highlights her verluptuous curves. She definately knows how to dress to compliment her body. 

Ah Triple Velvet. Young girl from Richmond wears this Velvet dress well! Simple jewellery and tanned boots. Wow, everyone seems to be on trend, there is hope for the fashion world!

 Masculine meets feminine. Sharp tailored military jacket accompanied by leggings to define her feminine legs. Seems to me that most people have been researching the trends for fall! 

Camel camel camel! Trench coat with peep toe wedges, Brilliant combo!
What I love about this outfit is that its going to be HUGE. So people this is a glimpse of the sort of style you should be wearing in the fall.

Taken 09/08/2010 By: Campbell Addy



Never mind modern flair, try vintage for the perfect fitting, leg lengthening trousers for fall, as this woman does. This young woman is ahead of the pack with these perfect fall trousers.

This look works because of her high waisted trousers accompanied by cute flats with great ankle detail. Trousers are going to be mega this fall, so this girl obviously knows her stuff, and is in trend already!

Fur galore! It may be s/s, but this girl is way ahead of the rest of us - Just check out that fur coat and loving the socks and shoes.

Fall here we come! This girl definitely keeps up with trends, capes are so in next season and she sets if off with age with her tanned vintage bag and floral dress

French mademoiselle really incorporates her love for the 50's, but keeps it modern with black accessories, especially the roman style sandals.

Taken 21/07/2010 By: Campbell Addy


Tom boy pulls of chic perfectly! By adding a simple loose blouse and an amazing gold watch, to a day-to-day outfit, embodies London Fashion Exchanges style.

Beautiful jumpsuit, taken in at the waist to add shape, gives the perfect image of how a jumpsuit should be worn. Simple, with no fussy accessories just the jumpsuit and nothing else.

Nude colours. Simplistic dress. Leggings. Perfect look by this young budding artist. No colours, patterns detracting from the outfit just pure textile genius.

This young women has created this look perfectly, with her military jacket, soft cotton dress with black leather boots, and the canvas bag finishes off the look. Like the bag and jacket? Well, London Fashion Exchange does have many items similar to those.

Taken: 19/07/2010 By: Campbell Addy

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