Sunday, 24 April 2011


The sun has gone to our heads and we've gone all giggidy at Fashion Exchange. For a tantastic 10% off everything in the shop, just print off the attached flyer and shimmy on down to 145 Brick Lane.
Mon - Sun 11-7 and Thurs until late 8!

Friday, 15 April 2011


At Fashion Exchange we are Lovers not Fighters so we're hoping to spread some of our good stuff around. We want you to help dispell the myth that London is a dark, lonely place and expose the heart of it.
Anything you love; a person, an image, a blouse, a sandwich? Anything or anyone, especially heart shaped, that has given you a warm fuzzy feeling in your funny bits.
Check out ours below and get properly Loved Up!

The true love of a Brick Lane Salt Beef Bagel
Go on
The way to our heart..chocolate fudge brownie
We 'heart' toilet graffiti

 <>  We 'heart' anarchy
We 'heart' graffiti
We 'heart' Moschino Shoes

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Fashion Exchange is holding the launch party this Thursday, 6pm - 11pm for Flamingo Magazine, a new arts, music and culture publication. We will be open for business as usual only much later with tunes, drinks, peeps and a party all rolled into one big fat one. Shimmy while you shop? It doesn't get much better than that on Brick Lane!

Flamingo Magazine was born out of confusing times: oil spillages, austerity, the World Cup. Many a creative young thing now emerges into the world not knowing where to turn – which admittedly isn’t as bad as an oil spillage, but it still sucks.

Flamingo is a new arts, music and culture publication that challenges the traditional definition of a magazine. They speak to young designers, artists, filmmakers and musicians, either established or unknown, so that you can gain an insight into their world. They ask how as well as what, because they're just really, really nosey.
Based in London, and with a focus on art, music, illustration and design, Flamingo features reviews, interviews and tips for self-initiated projects. This is their way of making sense out of this crazy world.
If you’d like to see more go to or get in touch at 

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